This IV help your body to relax instead of feeling sick and sore

Recovery IV


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This master blend of nutrients help replenish the vitamins your body’s depleted in after a night of partying. Get immediate hangover relief with a full liter of hydration packed with high dose vitamins, micronutrients and antioxidants. Give your liver with the ultimate detox and your body the surge of energy it needs to recover instantly!

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  • Fast recovery
  • Restores your body’s natural balance
  • Alleviates physical symptoms like headache, fatigue, nausea, or withdrawal

Our Formula

pyridoxine b-6

How Does It Work?

B12 and B complex help alleviate fatigue, mental fog, and more! While drinking alcohol, the liver prioritizes metabolizing alcohol over nutrients, making you severely nutrient deficient when you’ve had one too many.

Magnesium will help to relax the muscles as well as improve nervous system function in order to help improve hangover symptoms.

Hydration and electrolytes will help to replenish what is lost while drinking alcohol. When we drink alcohol, anti-diuretic hormone levels actually drop, causing us to have that constant urge to use the bathroom, which also causes dehydration.